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At Myriad Genetics, supporting your health goes far beyond offering traditional coverage. We provide programs and resources to help you feel your best and manage your health care with ease.

Wellness Program

Our free, confidential wellness program makes it easier and more rewarding to take care of your health.

See what you can achieve

The Myriad Genetics Wellness Program has something for everyone. As our goal at Myriad Genetics is to advance health for all, the Myriad Genetics Wellness Program aims to advance health and wellbeing for all our teammates. The program aspires to create a sustainable culture of health, caring, and inclusivity where education and activities improve teammate wellbeing, engagement, and productivity.

The Myriad Genetics Wellness Program encompasses holistic health within multiple personal aspects. Through education, activities, and collaboration, teammates will learn to develop their environment, financial, intellectual, mental, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual well-being.

  • Environmental – Making an eco-friendly impact in our workplace, community, and world.
  • Financial – Understanding our relationship with money and how to set and attain financial goals.
  • Intellectual – Acquiring knowledge through new experiences in pursuit of lifelong learning.
  • Mental – Prioritizing mental health by understanding our emotions and developing coping and communications skills.
  • Occupational – Contributing a positive impact on the organizations we work in and to our society as a whole.
  • Physical – Adopting healthy habits and physical activities that help us accomplish our life goals.
  • Social – Building and maintaining fulfilling relationships with family, friends, and teammates.
  • Spiritual – Expanding our sense of purpose and meaning in life by incorporating values, principles, and beliefs to guide our actions.

Fact or fiction?

Get the truth about healthy living. Test your knowledge of common wellness myths by taking this fun quiz. 

Related Resources

Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers resources to support your total well-being.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have an expert by your side as you navigate the health care system? With myAdvocate, you can! myAdvocate provides free, personalized assistance to make health care easier. You and your family members can ask for help with:

  • Understanding claims
  • Choosing providers
  • Resolving billing issues
  • And much more

Save time and money with expert assistance

Visit the myAdvocate website or call 1-833-968-1775 to get started.

EAP & Emotional Support

Your mental and emotional well-being is just as important as your physical health. We encourage you to use the resources that Myriad Genetics offers to help you manage stress, find balance, or address a challenging personal situation.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The EAP offers confidential support to you and your household members at no cost, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Get help with a wide range of issues, including:

  • Stress/emotional issues
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Bereavement
  • Legal questions or concerns
  • Marital/family conflicts and relationship issues
  • Childcare and senior care
  • Financial problems
  • Alcohol/substance abuse
  • Work-related issues

The EAP can provide free phone support, as well as referrals for in-person or virtual visits with clinical, legal, and financial professionals. Your first three counseling sessions are free. You can also receive a free 30-minute consultation with a financial and/or legal expert.

Call 1-800-854-1446 or visit the Unum LifeBalance website to get started.

  • Username: lifebalance
  • Password: lifebalance

Spring Health

Through the Spring Health, Myriad Genetics teammates and their dependents have access to 24/7 unlimited and confidential on-demand emotional health support — all at no cost. Spring Health is coaching, therapy, and psychiatry* — under one virtual roof. Services include:

  • In-app wellness exercises – Support your mental fitness on-the-go, with exercises in meditation, better sleep, and more.
  • Personalized recommendations – Assessments to identify the right care for your needs, learn more about yourself, and track your progress.
  • Dedicated support – Receive guidance along your journey from your personal Care Navigator.
  • Book sessions with trusted providers at times that fit your schedule. Costs for the first six sessions are fully covered by Myriad Genetics.
  • Speak with psychiatrists to manage medications, when appropriate.
  • Receive tips for managing stress, increasing focus, and more. Watch your email for additional information about Spring Health.

All provided services are confidential and outcomes will not be shared.

*Regular copays apply for therapy and psychiatry virtual visits.

Carrot Fertility

Myriad Genetics has partnered with Carrot to bring our teammates comprehensive, inclusive fertility health and family-forming benefits. Through Carrot, you have access to exclusive resources designed to make fertility care more accessible and affordable to everyone — regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or location. Visit https://get-carrot.com/signup to create your account and explore the resources available to you, including the funds Myriad Genetics provides to help pay for your care.

Through Carrot, you’ll have access to:

  • A free, personalized, step-by-step guide created with your unique needs in mind to support you through your journey.
  • Unlimited free virtual visits with fertility health and family-forming experts to navigate your options, costs, and questions.
  • Expert-produced educational resources, including articles, how-to videos, and more.
  • At-home support through Carrot’s complete telehealth platform, including a fertility health and wellness test, an ovulation tracking bracelet, and more.
  • Carrot Rx®, a pharmacy that offers significant savings on fertility medications with easy online ordering and delivery.

Find a trusted provider with Carrot’s network of 950+ clinics and 3,350+ attorneys and agencies across the country. You can also receive exclusive discounts and expedited appointments at top clinics and agencies.